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For those visiting the county, the following volumes may be of interest. I have given fuller information on a couple of recent titles. About a third of the book actually deals with Cambridge itself.

Other town locations are included, the best known of which is probably Abbey House, which was investigated by the late Tony Cornell and Alan Gauld of the Society for Psychical Research the Buddhists who now own it have occasional open days, and a visit is highly recommended, though no investigations are allowed. Moving out of Cambridge, other sections cover the Huntingdon area; Ely including Oliver Cromwell of course, who is also mentioned earlier as his head is buried at Sidney Sussex ; the Fens; South Cambridgeshire, including Duxford and Linton, the latter the childhood home of Matthew Manning; and Peterborough, in addition to many other locations across the county.

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Peterborough has quite a long section, including a report of a CPRS vigil at its museum. Some frequently asked questions are answered, and there is a glossary and information on investigation techniques.

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In fact, as he points out, it is very historic, with far more than the shopping centre though the inclusion of a useful sketch map shows the extent to which Queensgate dominates , and with enough spooklore to be able to support a ghost walk, which Orme devised. If you ever thought that Peterborough was only good for shopping, this book will put you right. Cambridge itself has been well served by paranormal guidebooks.

Paranormal Cambridgeshire and Haunted Peterborough, by Damien O'Dell and Stuart Orme

We have a brand new website coming soon. Just for fun see if you can find our hidden pages, there are 3 secret pages for you to discover within our site! Cambridgeshire Ghost Research CGR was formed in to conduct serious study, research and Investigation into all types of paranormal phenomena in Cambridgeshire and the surrounding counties.

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CGR offer all of our services and time free of charge. Our primary objective is one of learning, understanding more about the paranormal field and to gather evidence for or against the existence of paranormal phenomena.

Paranormal Cambridgeshire Paranormal Cambridgeshire
Paranormal Cambridgeshire Paranormal Cambridgeshire
Paranormal Cambridgeshire Paranormal Cambridgeshire
Paranormal Cambridgeshire Paranormal Cambridgeshire
Paranormal Cambridgeshire Paranormal Cambridgeshire

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