Oh God, Help Me! My Grandson Killed My Son

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Oh God; Help Me! My Grandson Killed My Son

They are worse than we ever imagined they could be and found in places we never thought to be unsafe before—such as schools, movie theaters, restaurants, and malls. They are sometimes perpetrated by people we might never have thought to be so dangerously abnormal. How do we begin to protect our children and grandchildren wherever they are? We can homeschool them and keep them out of theaters and malls, but even then there are still no guarantees.

One day they have to go out in the world, and, as we have seen, disaster can happen anywhere. Neither we nor their parents can protect our grandchildren from everything. Only God can do that. Even when I take care of my grandchildren in my own home, I pray constantly that God will protect them and help me to recognize all possible dangers. The thought of something happening to one of them at any time is horrifying, but it would be unthinkable if it occurred on my watch. As we well know, accidents happen quickly and suddenly.

Pray that your grandchildren will be safe in their own home. Freak accidents happen at home when least expected. Pray that your grandchildren will be safe wherever they travel. Pray they will be safe in every car, plane, bus, or train they are traveling in. Pray for their safety wherever they ride a bicycle or walk—on every street and in every building they enter. Pray for good and safe neighborhoods for your grandchildren to live in. Pray for godly neighbors. If they are not in a safe neighborhood now, pray that they and their family will be able to move to one that is.

Pray that any unseen dangers, wherever they are, will be exposed and not able to threaten your grandchildren at any time. Pray there will be no sudden accidents. Each of my children had to be rushed to the emergency room for stitches in their forehead when they were about two years old, and each accident occurred right in front of me. I was no more than two feet away from them, and the situation happened so fast I could do nothing to stop it.


Oh God, Help Me! My Grandson Killed My Son by Mary Brown

My son suddenly leaped on my bed and hit the headboard. I learned to always pray about sudden accidents after that. Pray for your grandchildren to grow up with a great ability to sense danger. Ask God to enable them to know when something they are doing could be a danger to themselves or others. Having a sense of danger has spared my life countless times and the lives of my children as well.

Prayers for Grandchildren

God gives us wisdom, insight, revelation, understanding, and common sense when we ask for that. And His Spirit speaks to us about what to do or not do. Pray that your grandchildren are able to hear these words from God to their heart at an early age. Still, as much as we pray and as hard as we try, accidents can happen. When they do, pray there will be no permanent damage and everyone will learn to be more cautious because of it. The truth is, only God can keep us and our children and grandchildren in the safety for which we long every day.

Only God can protect us, and those for whom we pray, from unseen dangers lurking about. We must never stop praying about that.

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All that being said, children can still become ill or injured, and some may die. And there are many reasons that can happen, which are too extensive to go into now. And though our hearts are broken and the loss will be felt for a lifetime, we have the assurance that this precious child is with Jesus and we will see him or her again. Lord, I pray for my grandchildren. Name each grandchild before God. I ask that You would put Your hand of protection upon them. Keep them safe from accidents or dangers of any kind. Surround them with Your angels. Help them to understand that You are their protector, and You can keep them safe when they live Your way and seek Your hand of protection.

Enable them to see that when they go their own way, without regard for Your way, they walk out from under Your umbrella of protection. Give my grandchildren the ability to sense danger—either to themselves or to others. Give them no peace about going anyplace, or doing anything, that will expose them or others to danger. I pray that my grandchildren will always live in safe neighborhoods with godly neighbors. Teach them to be a blessing to their neighbors and to people in their school, workplace, and wherever they go. Where there are dangerous people around, I pray that none will come near to threaten them in any way.

Expose the threats that bullies and bad people can impose on them, and remove these people from their surroundings. If necessary, I pray that my grandchildren and their family will be able to move to a safer neighborhood. Give all who care for them the ability to see ahead what the dangers are.

Show me anything I need to see. Keep my grandchildren safe in cars, planes, trains, buses, on bicycles, and in any other form of transportation. Keep them safe wherever they walk and in whatever activity they are involved in. Thank You, Lord, that I can have peace because I know that You protect us and help us to live safely when we pray and live Your way.

Please Lord, protect my precious granddaughters, aged 1 and 3, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Help their mother too. I pray my son will open his eyes. May they all accept Jesus as their Savior. Please Lord, Satan needs to flee. May negative and evil be replaced with fruits of the Spirit. Lord, watch over them. Guide me in what to do.

Helping Suicidal Children

Please Lord, keep Poppy, Jake, and Emily safe. Please give my son, their father, more patience with them. I trust in you, Lord, and place them in your safe hands. I ask this in your blessed name. Thank you, Jesus! I am praying for my granddaughter, that she be protected and focused while she is away in college. In Jesus name, Amen. I am praying for my granddaughter as she starts her official first day of college away from home.

When Valerie O’Riordan was told her daughter had died, she dropped to the ground.

I pray that they be focused and use Godly wisdom in every decision they have to make. In Jesus Name, Amen. Please, Lord. Put hedge of protection around my year-old grandson. In Jesus Name. Thank you, Father. Lord I pray for my grandchildren, that you would watch over them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That you would lead and guide their parents in every way and that you would save, heal and deliver them all. Lord, I present my grandchild and his mother before you. Keep them from any danger that may come to them. Put a hedge of protection again, from all bullies at school, and gift him wisdom to make the right decision.

Assign angels for protection over their lives, and teach them the way they should go. I pray for protection for my granddaughter and happiness and for happy people and good people in her life. I pray that my daughter will be a good person in her life that will love her well. Protect all my grand children, oh Dear Lord, from all evil and evil doers, from bullies. Enlighten them in their studies and bring them closer to You, where they can learn to give themselves to thee and enjoy the rewards of thy Love. Give my oldest granddaughter confidence, make her happy again Dear Lord, and take away her depression.

In Jesus name. Continuous prayers for my daughter and her wonderful son. Thank you and Amen. Lord, I ask You to protect my granddaughter. Give her guidance, Lord. Send her home where she needs to be. Work out the problems with her and her dad and step mother so that she can go home.

Wherever she is, send her home to me. Lord, bring her and Michele back to the church. She needs positive people in her life. And help her with her school work. Thank you, Lord. I know You are a way maker.

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Lord, I ask all these prayers in the name of Jesus. Jesus Christ, I pray that your guardian Angels protect my granddaughter. Every breath she takes, every step she makes. Ask the child why she thinks this is. Discuss how suicide is very hurtful for the remaining family and friends, and we need to use feelings of wanting to die as a warning to ourselves to seek other ways to help ourselves. As you talk to the child, explain through this Scripture that God made us and it is because of how He made us that we can continue to live on this earth and even begin to praise Him for who we are.

This requires a judgment call. It may be difficult to stay calm and reassuring during a time like this. Do not allow children this age to watch scary, dark movies or read books with dark and evil death-related themes. What kinds of video games is the child playing? Encourage the watching and reading of uplifting stories.

God knows children are impressionable. Ask the child to find good things about her day. Encourage her to pay attention to little things that are nice. It is easy for depressed children and adults to focus only on the bad things. Find the talents the Lord has given this child. Explain how the Lord can enjoy the child and how happy He is over her. Help the child imagine the Lord rejoicing and singing over her right now. Wow, that is a beautiful picture for all of us.

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! Encourage the child to come up with alternatives to killing himself. What are the other choices for handling this problem? Talking to a family member or friend.

Drawing or writing to express feelings in a journal. It has been said that suicide is a permanent solution to an often-temporary problem. You can explain to the child that many people in the book of Psalms became discouraged. They sought other ways to be encouraged by asking God to provide for them. Children who are depressed need plenty of physical activity.

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Get the child moving! Make it a family affair! For a young child who truly wants to die and is depressed, remove all means to accomplish this: ropes, firearms, knives, razor blades, pills, etc.

Oh God, Help Me! My Grandson Killed My Son Oh God, Help Me! My Grandson Killed My Son
Oh God, Help Me! My Grandson Killed My Son Oh God, Help Me! My Grandson Killed My Son
Oh God, Help Me! My Grandson Killed My Son Oh God, Help Me! My Grandson Killed My Son
Oh God, Help Me! My Grandson Killed My Son Oh God, Help Me! My Grandson Killed My Son
Oh God, Help Me! My Grandson Killed My Son Oh God, Help Me! My Grandson Killed My Son

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