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A lot of people work super hard to pull this off…the artists love connecting personally with fans and there are performances galore. Today, I was at my designated booth at my designated time to sign autographs. Probably the most honest, too. There was a time, years ago, when I would have really looked forward to meeting fans, signing autographs, and taking pictures. I cringe remembering that girl, at times. I am making new music that I am really proud of out in July , God is carving out beautiful paths for me to lead in local ministry for the first time in years.

Leading local worship. Mentoring younger writers…I feel so energized by the new doors the Lord is opening for me, in this season. But today I warned you about real talk I sat there at that autograph booth and felt…old. And maybe slightly uncool and irrelevant. Weighing more than I want to weigh. I battled all morning not to allow myself to spin into this self esteem spiral. But truth? Feeling a little small in spirit today, because I let ego sit in the drivers seat.

I should know better. About halfway through the autograph line I met a big, tattooed, burly guy named Michael and his lovely wife Darla. I signed their stuff. Took the picture. And then he tells me that they run a non profit ministry that speaks to kids all over the country about sexual abuse. About finding a courageous voice if they themselves, are victims. Immediately I feel small tears sting my eyes. Then he tells me about a certain girl who was molested by her stepdad from age , and that it was my song that helped her finally find her own shaky voice and tell someone.

He was just convicted and is serving 7 years. A song did that. God used a song to stop her abuse and help her healing begin. I needed to hear this. Certain songs have utterly changed my life over the years, in just the right moment. Something unlocks. Spirit shifts. And today I was reminded again that is why I do what I do, and what an astonishingly sweet privilege it is. Unattached if it ever fades. Easier said than done, let me tell you. And it was timely. Yanked me firmly out of my slow descent into insecurity and self loathing.

Halted my orbit around Planet Nichole. As I child, I recognized that musical things came easily, so I sang a lot. Played my piano, constantly. I knew intuitively what to do with electric mixers and spatulas, coloring pencils or a needle and thread. I have always been a creator. Most of my childhood memories are washed in these warm watercolors. Women are so prone to nurture and protect. Moms are never the first ones to push us out on a branch and let our legs shake uncontrollably. His list always includes far away, wonderful places. I say. I want you to fly and dream and explore …at the local community college.

I want you to STAY. Go allllll the way up to the tree at the end of the street. Pedal hard and then make a big wide turn and ride back to me.

Michael Gerard Bauer Author | just me rabbiting on

Go out on that court and play defense like we practice in the driveway every night. Stop apologizing. Go hard. Go tell the coach tomorrow that basketball is not really your thing. You want to go to Los Angeles to try and pursue a music career instead of using the college degree I just paid for?

The broken marriage is not going to survive? Go gather up those pieces and bring that shattered heart over here, this minute. Or ties. How relieved I am to know you have my back, always. That I can lean hard into your quiet strength. I know whose heart I can trust. Dig out old photographs.

Tell him why they are your favorites. And sure, give him a new apron for the grill, but stand out there in the heat with him and tell him who you are because of who he is. For booking and management inquiries: The Chandy Group cgillespie chandygroup.

What is Gaslighting?

Sorry, no shows currently. Click RSVP below to be notified when new tour dates are announced. No Longer Listen- are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life? I think the same could be said of my spiritual life. Straight into the wind, maybe get hurt. I thought living safe meant living stronger. No longer. Stepping out of the safe shadows and letting love shape me.

Slow Down I bought a house last year. Write all you can, in the wet cement. And David knew a thing or two about running. Why do we imagine we are any different? Dear Me… When I was in high school, I had a teacher who asked us to write a letter to our future selves in ten years. What would it feel like, now, to write a letter to my younger self, instead?

But I wanted to tell her much more than that. How about you? What would you tell your younger self? But now is all you really have. And all you really need. It is, so often, a small and lonely whisper into the darkness. Just a whisper in the dark. This is the sound of surviving.

Thoughts from the road Thoughts from the road. That is my tree and I am an apple, not falling far from it. Every Mile Mattered For anyone who has been on a faith journey for some time, walked the long road with Jesus, the peaks and valleys, the deep joy and deep sorrows, the confusion and questioning, the moments of certainty and gratitude, every mile, every bump, bruise and beautiful encounter… these songs are for you. It all mattered. Every single mile. Thank you for that, Michael and Darla. Thank you, Lord. All of my favorite little girl memories spent with my Dad, involve a little failure.

My Dad was the one who always coaxed me into a world of risk. Learning to ride a bike. Been a very busy start to working on lots of new projects! It should be another exciting year for JJ …. I was fascinated to hear that my books help you to learn English and so pleased that they do! What is your home language, and how did you come across the Jamie Johnson series? This kind of message makes my day Melvyn! I am so pleased you have read all the books in the series and enjoyed them so much. I will have to see what I can do about writing some more for you!

Thank you Archie, that really is great to know! If you would like me to come to your school you will actually have to ask your teachers. They can contact me via the website to get more details if they would like. Hi Ben. How long did it take you to learn the rainbow flick? Please, please consider making your book into a movie. Hello there. A movie would be great so lets hope that happens! Dan could you please keep the series going and continue on from the end of The Final Whistle!!

Try turn them into a movie too!!! Another book is always an option Darragh but there are no immediate plans for a new one right now. Dan, is there going to be another Jamie Johnson book after Final Whistle becuase its killing me. There is a boy in my class and we both read your books. We think he dies? Pleeeeeeeease make another Jamie Johnson book apart from a prequel. What do you think should happen in another book. Would love to hear your ideas.

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There are a few other projects in the pipeline so watch this space! Any help would be enormously appreciated! There are plenty of blogging platforms out there now so you should be able to get away without coding. Good luck! Hi, Dan I also want to be a world class footballer and these books were and inspiration for me. And please never stop these series it makes Jamie Jhonson a real life character.

Hi Aryan. Thanks for your comment. You will able to see Jamie come to life in the TV series soon! Will there ever be another Jamie book? If so, would Jamie be at Barcelona or will it be another prequel. Hi Ned, Not much to report about the series yet. Will keep you posted when I know more. Hi dan! Ive spotted a mistake in golden goal. Archie says that Jamie has been working with him for a couple of weeks four days after he gets the job!

Hi Dan, Was there ever a JJ story or idea that never got through publishing? If so, what? Also, when is the TV seires coming out.? Great question. Yes, loads. Jamie being a manager is something that a lot of people have suggested. What do you think of that idea? Often the JJ readers can be a great source of inspiration and ideas. Thanks for such a great question. Thanks for you comments Owen. The BBC are filming a series at the moment! Not sure when it will be out. If you write another book would Jamie still be at Barcelona or another prequel?

Do you know which books are being made into tv? Hi Dan, Its not actually based on any of the books. Hi Dan, Is it true that shoot to win was originally called Shooting Star? Well spotted Si! Yes the working title was Shooting Star but it changed to Shoot to Win when it was published. They were all very hard to write. The Kick Off was the first book I wrote and that took me 4 Years!

There were a lot of difficult times. I often sat at 2 in the morning, feeling really tired and trying to things to do to make the books better. The books are not so much easy to write but fun and thats the key to writing. Your book sounds great. Have you ever thought about becoming a writer? Do you play with any teams? Hey Dan you should definitely do another book after final whistle because im dying to see what happens to jamie and i would like you to do a jamie johnson movie or tv show.

When and where were you born? I will keep you posted on any updates. I was born in London 37 years ago. There is a some more information on the website here. If you need anything else let me know. He played it a lot when he was younger and he still likes playingit just for fun. When he left university he was offered a job at the Football Association. Within two years he went to the world cup held in korea and japan. He interviewed the England squad and reported on their matches. Over the years he got to know all the England players like Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard and got to interview them.

It took me 3 months to learn, with constant hard working! I am making a new book, and it is after the final whistle, where Jack and JJ get married and have 2 kids! And this is where JJ is under Rafael, and it has taken me 9 months, and I have written 12 out of 49 chapters From, Ben.

Hello Ben. I would love to read what you have written! It sounds like you have put a lot of work into it. The new series is coming out next year. I will keep you posted on the dates. Hi Ben, Keep checking the website for any news. I will let you know as soon as I can. You sound like you have put a lot of thought into further Jamie Johnson adventures! Your books are amazing. What do you think would happen with Jamie and his further career? Happy new year Dan! I wanted to talk to you. About years ago you visited my primary school, St.

Pauls, in Ireland and you signed copy of Man of the Match for me. I really liked it so my Dad ordered me all the other books of the series. Hi Laura, Thanks for your comments. Do you have any thoughts about what happened at the end of Final Whistle?

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A film would be great at well. Hello, I think the great thing about ending a book on a cliffhanger is that it gives the reader the chance to think about what may have happened. Do you have any ideas as to how the story ended? I love your Jamie Johnson books! Jamie is exactly like me, and I want to be a proffesional! Hello there! I ended the book the way I did to give the reader the chance think about what happened. How would you have written the ending. I would love to know your ideas. Are you working on anything? Happy new year to you too Ben!

What is Gaslighting?

I am working on something at the moment. Keep checking the website and I will update you as soon as I know something. Hi Dan.. Well posting but anyway.. I would like to thank you for making the Jamie Johnson books.. All the effort for the books must have taken a long time to write! You made the Jamie Johnson series but once we have finished that what are we going to read..?? Please make another book. By the look in the pictures you are really young! Are you just going to stop writing now?

When there could be another 30 years of writing books and making kids like us happy. Hello Danny, I have a few years writing left in me yet so who knows what the future will bring!

It makes all the hard work worth it when you hear that someone has enjoyed them. V series coming out now! The TV series will be out this year! Keep an eye on the website and as soon as I know any dates I will post it on there! What channel will it be on? The series will be on CBBC. I will keep you posted when I know any dates. I keep checking the website for news, and so happy that the Jamie Johnson series is only 3 months away! PS: Will you write any more Jamie Johnson books?

They are awesome and I never want them to end :. PPS: Eagerly waiting for the T. V series right now! I put so much work into them that they are all special to me! I am pretty excited about the TV series as well! Let me know what you think of it. There should also be a special where Jamie goes to the Euros with Scotland.

Hope you like these ideas. V series. Amazing ideas David! It will be great to see Jamie on the small screen. I just wanted to ask, if the series starts airing in June, then what exact day does it start airing? My birthday is in June, so… it would be pretty cool if it would start airing on my birthday! My favorite one is Man of the Match. Do you know what the new series will be called yet? Hello William, Thanks for writing in. The TV series will be called Jamie Johnson. Hello Dan. I love your books.

They were so inspiring. I really want to know what happens next. Thanks for writing in Umar. I will keep you posted about any new books in the future! I loved the episodes, but the series is too short! Are there going to be any new episodes? Hi Dan i would like to tell you that you make me want to read more books and i never want the series to end until Jamie Johnson becomes a legend. Hi Colette, The series is on iPlayer. You can watch it here. Have you visited your local library? You could also ask you teachers if they could get a set for your school library. Or maybe jamie could have kids but either way jamie becomes one heck of a legend!

Me Freedman I love your books I am a fan I have them all except for skills from Brazil and Born to play could you let them out please if they are finished. Will Jamie continue with hawkstone or he will again play for barcelona? I am one of the greatest fan of Barcelona……. Dan having a nice time reading your books can you publish a new book after jamie jhonson born to play i am sincerly looking forward that you may publish a new book. I am working on things at the moment Ibrahim! I will keep you posted so keep checking back here for any updates.

I think that is because Jamie Johnson is so special to me! HI Dan, Like many others I would love it if you made a new book because the way that you left Final Whistle was so cool. From your greatest fan, JJ.

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It is amazing how many requests I have for a new JJ book! Most of the fans want to know what happened after Final Whistle finished. I love your books so much but I have only read the first two books of the series but my friend is going to give Golden Goal and Man of the Match!!! I am really looking forward to reading all of your books that you have wrote!!!!

I have just got one question that is are you going to write any more books?? I am too excited to read all of your books!!!! I hope you write one more book in the future!!! Hard question. I really enjoyed it and read it all without stopping! I would really like there to be a sequel to final whistle, will there be one?

Hi dan freedman just wanted to ask there a series three and there any auditions will you keep me updated please and to audition for Jamie Johnson what website do you have to go on to apply for a part? Please reply. HI Dan I love all your books. My favourite is skills From Brazil and World class. Do you know the plot of your new Jamie Johnson book? I have quite a few ideas yes. I have a book coming out this year though about something different so we will need to wait for the next JJ book for the time being. Hi, She had other things that she was busy with.

I thought she was really great in the part. Hi there, I am working on a few things at the moment! Hi Dan, Season 4? And Jamie Johnson is the best football tv series since Dream Team. Do you Remember Dream Team that was aired on sky one? Hi Dan, I have been a massive fan of the books since I was young, I remember how invested I once was in The Kick Off as a 9 year old, now being 19 I feel as though I need closure, was the final whistle really the final whistle on the JJ book series, or should I keep my eye out for the last chapter?

Hi Daniel, What a lovely message. Keep an eye out for Unstoppable in February. Thanks again for your kind words. If you would like to find out what happens after Final Whistle, check out the postscript here! Name Required. Email Required.

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The order of the books is: 1. Born to Play However, they are all written to also allow them to be read as standalone stories in their own right. Captures the realism of the game without losing sight of the magic that keeps us in thrall of the game. Danny July 15, at pm. Dan Freedman July 22, at pm. Ismail August 15, at pm. Could you please finish the book and could you please try and turn the book into a movie.

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Kiran June 29, at pm. Dan Freedman June 30, at pm. Harry November 12, at pm. Can you tell me the ending please Reply. Dan Freedman November 18, at pm. Daniel Doherty December 8, at pm. Thanks if you reply or even read this. Daniel Doherty. Dan Freedman December 13, at pm. KT February 1, at pm.

Did jamie die? Dan Freedman March 28, at am. Why do you think that? Jordan June 2, at pm. Dan Freedman June 7, at pm. Good question! I hope so! Uri May 7, at am. Dan please try to make a movie. Dan Freedman May 14, at pm. Arien Rahman October 12, at am. Dan will there be a new book after final whistle which carries on from the last match? Dan Freedman October 22, at am. Jake October 4, at pm. Dan could you make a follow up from Final whistle I came and made my own prediction now its time to know the truth Reply.

Dan Freedman October 10, at pm. Dan Freedman September 27, at am. Jimmy Johnstone is a big inspiration James — he was a great player! Amol November 2, at pm. Can u make a new book about Rafa from skills from Brazil managing Jamie Reply. Alfie Hoods March 15, at pm. Dan Freedman March 28, at pm. Dan Reply. Daniel Doherty July 19, at am. Thanks if you read this. Dan Freedman July 19, at am. Ethan September 21, at am. Dan Freedman September 26, at pm.

Hi Ethan, I like to leave it up to the readers imagination! What do you think happened? Saad July 23, at pm. Dan Freedman July 23, at pm. Dan Freedman August 19, at pm. Good idea Harry!! Connor November 21, at am. Dan Freedman January 7, at am. Good idea!!! Shaun September 14, at am. Dan Freedman October 8, at pm. Zain October 19, at pm. Dan Freedman October 30, at pm. Very delighted to hear it! Sign the petition.

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Try Independent Minds free for 1 month See the options. Rex Features. You can form your own view. Subscribe now. Shape Created with Sketch. Love and sex news: in pictures Show all Flibanserin, produced by Sprout Pharmaceuticals, was approved by the FDA on the third application in five years — after twice failing over concerns regarding possible side-effects. Grindr users are not that gay, at least according to a new survey. More than users on the gay dating app, contacted by Pink News as part of an informal study, did not identifying as exclusively attracted to men.

The study used the Kinsey scale, based on the work of sexologist Alfred Kinsey, which ranges from 0 exclusively straight to 6 exclusively gay and also allows identification as asexual X. Pink News found that the average answer was around five, with the most frequent answer being five, followed by six and then four when they contacted users from their office in central London.

The average porn user may have more egalitarian views towards women than non-users, a contentious new study has suggested. Men who pay for sex share similar traits to rapists and sex offenders, according to new research. A study from University of California, Los Angeles UCLA , claims that men who have sex with female sex workers feel less empathy for them than men who do not buy sex.

In a poll of people by YouGov, 64 per cent of Britons said they would wish to have sex at least a few times a month. The same sample said that only 38 per cent had sex at least a few times a month.

Dont Call Me Crazy! Im Just in Love: Book 1 of 2 Dont Call Me Crazy! Im Just in Love: Book 1 of 2
Dont Call Me Crazy! Im Just in Love: Book 1 of 2 Dont Call Me Crazy! Im Just in Love: Book 1 of 2
Dont Call Me Crazy! Im Just in Love: Book 1 of 2 Dont Call Me Crazy! Im Just in Love: Book 1 of 2
Dont Call Me Crazy! Im Just in Love: Book 1 of 2 Dont Call Me Crazy! Im Just in Love: Book 1 of 2
Dont Call Me Crazy! Im Just in Love: Book 1 of 2 Dont Call Me Crazy! Im Just in Love: Book 1 of 2

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