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For large orders please get in touch for bespoke service. The Invisible Hand , the first book in the series, based on Macbeth, was published by Lodestone on February 24 th , There are three free chapters at Instafreebie here. Click here to read. Full review here.

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Read the review here. Not at all. Cold Fire describes the chaos of love and passion. Any book based on Romeo and Juliet has to be about love.

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The book is for anyone interested in Shakespeare, the plays, and a good adventure story. There are elements of time-travel, romance and suspense in both books — and plenty of history and fantasy. They are another way to look at the play and the characters, another way in to what can seem dense and forbidding texts. The moon, and the phases of the moon in particular, play a huge part in the plot of all of the books in the series.

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Some of the how and why is explained in Cold Fire. Most definitely, in all its guises and for all its purposes, known and unknown. Some aspects of love are amazing, warm and incredible. Some are cold, horrible and terrible. Saying that thing is fire is a bit like Cows are mammals. Squirrels are mammals. Therefore squirrels are cows. Some more info while I wonder just what exactly the purpose of a fire that can't set an enemy's castle on fire is: In this video I show you how to make cold fire!

Bright Smoke, Cold Fire

I show you why fire is normally hot and why plasmas are usually hot. Then I show you how to actually make cold fire by removing the thermal energy of the gas ions while still keeping the thermal energy of the free electrons! This is an amazing cold fire that you touch and not get burned! Keep going for the video.

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest. So could it be used to sterilize blood, say I was thinking like a dialysis machine??? That's cool. This is one of those mundane things that is being blown out of proportion for no reason.

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  • Chaz Gomez. That's what I'm thinking Where can I order squirrel-cows? They sound delicious!

    Only Cold Cold Fire Only Cold Cold Fire
    Only Cold Cold Fire Only Cold Cold Fire
    Only Cold Cold Fire Only Cold Cold Fire
    Only Cold Cold Fire Only Cold Cold Fire
    Only Cold Cold Fire Only Cold Cold Fire
    Only Cold Cold Fire Only Cold Cold Fire

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