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But all what comming after that is serving most of the stereotypes which one should expect from a "thriller" these days. A lot of internet searches for adresses and phone numbers you need to have that these days , a peaking of f- and s-words in the middle of the book for some unknown reasons, ebbing of the same going further on in the book. And the end of it? The bad guy is dead, of course. Most of the times they are, aren't they. That would have been a good place to stop and to fade out with a brief epilogue. Rather than that it gets real kitchy after the bad guy's dead.

So, it's 5 stars for the plot and the opening minus 3 stars for the mediocre rest of the book. Would I buy the book again? Would I buy other books from the same author?

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Maybe, but not in as an overpriced hardcover edition Kindle wasn't and isn't availaible. One person found this helpful. Everything about Reynolds Pack Packer is dusty and worn: the Town Car he drives to earn a living, the suit he wears, the dump he lives in. Well, actually the dump is downright dirty. Preparing to grill some burgers for dinner, he steps out onto his deck and finds himself staring into the barrel of a gun held by a kid.

He's shocked when finds out the kid is Vida, the twenty-year old daughter he hasn't seen in fifteen years. Vida, sporting a fresh scar running from hairline to chin and a limp, was wounded, and her roommate was killed, on patrol in Iraq. Because of what she thinks she saw while lying wounded in the smoke and dust, she believes someone is trying to kill her. He's a vet and she asks him to find someone at the VA hospital. He blows her off. When he wakes up, he feels guilty and goes to talk to his only friend, his cousin Mitch, a retired state trooper who now prefers to be called Millie.

After hearing Vida's story, Mitch tells Pack he owes it to his daughter to help her, so go find her and do what she wants.

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That advice sets Pack and Mitch on a race to find Vida, before the killer gets to her. Pomeroy has created memorable, real-life characters, put them in a nicely drawn upstate New York setting, and set them on a dangerous path, racing against time to identify the man determined to kill Vida. This breezy thriller hits all the notes via mystery and suspense but truly scores with sharply defined characters. Pack is a wonderful, lumbering--but persistent--lug, and his relationship with his daughter Vida anchors the book. One of my favorite scenes is of the estranged family sitting around cleaning guns!

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Pomeroy also really lets us get to know the killer, a viciously narcissistic maniac who is teaching himself to be a better murderer as he relentlessly stalks Vida. Altogether, a seamless and well-paced thriller, with some lovely quiet moments. Well worth your while. I couldn't put it down until a few mins ago. You had me on edge. But beside all that Your affectionate shaping of story and characters shows kindness and an understanding of how people carry their personalities.

All your characters read clearly and believably. You have special antennae knowing someone and describing that person so clearly. Oh yes, it's a great story that races along without stopping to take a breath!!! A compelling plot, well-drawn characters, and extremely skillful buildup of suspense makes this a terrific read.

Pack is a bitter middle aged man who doesn't care about anything or anyone, until his long estranged daughter shows up out of nowhere. She's a soldier, back from Iraq and on the run, convinced someone is after her because he believes she witnessed a murder. Injured herself, she's not sure what she knows, and now she's AWOL too. And Pack finds out his crusty old heart is still able to have some feelings.

Smart dialogue and a well-paced plot grab you on page 1 and never let go. Pomeroy makes you see and understand every character, from the incredible threesome-- Pack, Vida, and Millie-- to the more minor players. And she never forgets the importance of character motivation. Julia Pomeroy's third mystery novel is excellent. All of the elements are strongly written - the story line, character development and descriptions of places and especially the action scenes.

The vivid portrayals kept me engaged and reading at a fast, can't-put-it down pace. What a fun time I had with this book. It is suspenseful, smart and totally believable - the dialogue and the unspoken thoughts of each character, their motivations and fears are so natural. A modern, timely mystery that kept digging deeper to the end.

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Pages with related products. See and discover other items: upstate new york. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. So help me God. Poverty is not a crime! A Homeless lady is photographed outside her tent, by the Sacramento Police, as more than a dozen other Sacramento Police break down the tents, and confiscate them along with sleeping bags and other items for so called evidence. The homeless campers on the site were investigated with questions, written up, and ticketed, for so called illegal camping in Sacramento, California as per the Sacramento, so called law, outlawing it.

Is Sacramento, California turning into a Fascist Type of For some it may feel that way. Grind - - - : to oppress, torment, or crush: to grind the poor. Torment - - - : 1. Reveals itself to be a sick little game of psychological torment. Talk about terrorism. P lease, email us to help NOW!!!!!

Help Let us know how you would like to help. We will get back to you if need be. Do not fall for the so called Political Leaders to try and:. Since cruel and unusual punishment is presented in the U. As a result of this case, the police agreed not to charge the homeless under any ordinance for living and or sleeping on public land, unless they were also engaged in crimes such as theft, drug use, or other illegal acts beyond merely being outside sleeping on the ground or living there as a result of inadequate and or lack of public shelters. To all other, so called 'Safe Ground' Internet Sites or groups; we hope they do only good , but as many know, sometimes some people have mixed agendas to be wary of.

W e say, you are entitled to true, S afe G round! One Earth that is Home to All and belongs to All! Municipality, County, and State in which the live. The U. Sacramento, California says:. If a ball of fire dropped out of the sky and had people without a home and place to sleep in Sacramento, those people would have a park or some place made available to them within hours if not minutes, so as to be able to put down a sleeping bag to sleep and legally be able to exist, and for more then 1 day, and without fear of being forced to JAIL, or humiliated by having the hired enforces of so called law, police, force them to stand in front of their sleeping bag or tent for so called needed evidence, a picture for government databases , of being in violation of law, as was done in Sacramento.

Contact us at:. Help SafeGround. On Twitter:. We at S afe G round. Please remember to think for yourself! Trust yourself!!!! SafeGround of by and for the People, not own by an, Incorporated entity, or anyone over another! What kind of World are you a part of? The date celebrates the victory of the French people in their revolution that overthrew the king and feudal system.

The storming of the prison is seen as a symbol of the uprising of the first modern nation and the beginning of a constitutional government for France. The American revolution preceded this, of course, but our struggle was not technically a revolution per se but more of a colonial war against an imperial power. Calling All Angels. Mayor Johnson, He said the 'tent city' by Blue Diamond Almonds has been dismantled and that many of the displaced people are finding shelter at the expanded facility at Cal Expo.

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One idea is a legal campground offering sanitation services, running water, and access to alcohol, drug and mental health counseling. Sacramento, Mayor Kevin Johnson, But thanks for any help or good you may give or suggest be given Kevin Fagan, Chronicle Staff Writer. A federal appeals court ruled Friday that the city of Los Angeles is violating the constitutional rights of homeless people by arresting them for sleeping or sitting on sidewalks and streets a finding that advocates for the homeless say could have a significant effect in San Francisco and elsewhere.

In its decision, the Ninth U. Circuit Court of Appeals found that a Los Angeles city law prohibiting sleeping, sitting or lying on public byways constituted "cruel and unusual punishment," because the city has so few shelter beds its street people have nowhere else to stay. The suit was filed in by six homeless people who were arrested in Los Angeles' Skid Row, a block sprawl downtown where about 10, homeless people bed down every night with tents, cardboard shacks or blankets.

What kind of World do you want? Article 1 Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others. Censor To Censor for the purpose of suppressing parts deemed objectionable, 'by the Censor', not for inaccuracy , but, so as to benefit the Censor, their purpose, agenda or agendas and away from the purpose, agenda or agendas of those being censored, it is a Master to slave, relationship. And I hope you can figure out, understand, know, who is the 'Master', and who is the, 'slave'.

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This planet in space, third planet from its sun, is called Earth, and it is alive, teaming with incredible life, and part of this life includes, Humans, human beings, the peoples of Planet Earth, these people all have full rights, privileges, and duties to one and all. Yes, such life that can be seen from its neighboring planets in the darkness of seemingly infinite, endless, space.

Let this Life, these People, this Earth, shine from within the darkness, to cast the light of life, for all to see. William Jackson. The Bill Of Rights is shining through the darkness!!! In the face of nothing better, how can a judge or any other "Official" undermine a persons God given right to seek and pursue Safety. If you can tell me how a person can pursue happiness while disregarding Safety then we see the basis of the conundrum we force upon the homeless.

Why not drink yourself to death when you see more effort spent preventing a person from scratching out their own sense of safety and protecting property rights at the expense of that same safety. A person needs a sense of hope to keep going and property rights have tried to "ZONE" the Homeless out of existence. Article Nine of the Bill of Rights covers those rights not otherwise listed. The pursuit of safety takes precedence over property. Some safety is better than no safety. Am I being too bold to make these statements?

Whose permission do we need to think these thoughts? Shall we study this question for another 30 years? My Human rights trumps your property rights. Not that I violate your safety which includes your property but that I certainly ought to be supported in my pursuit such as a safe place to park if I am living in my car or found a place to pitch a tent. The system never addressed this directly. Housing is secondary to Safety. But it's amazing how much the two overlap. If the Right to Safety were to be used as the pry bar that it is to open the Housing Door we might just get things finally into a perspective that gets things 'Rezoned".

C onducting legislative advocacy and public policy research as well as.

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Acting on the firm belief knowing that liberty must. We are particularly concerned about freedom of. This epithet is applied to that which agrees with a given law which is the test of right and wrong. It is that which accords with the perfect rights of others. By just is also understood full and perfect, as a just weight. We believe that America's founders were correct to articulate that all people are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights of, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

H elp S afe G round. Email and let us know how you want to help. Let this be done everywhere in our America, and endeavor to see that it or better is available everywhere on our Earth! I am, I ammmmmmmmmmmmm, I am a preacher and I love my country, because my country is all that I know, I want to be with my family, people who understand me, and I find them everywhere I go, ……………. Speak Up! Then they came for the unapproved Religious , and I didn't speak up because I wasn't an unapproved Religious person.

Then they came for the Socialists , and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Socialist person. Then they came for the Unionists , and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Unionist person. Then they came for the Homeless , and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Homeless person.

National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day

Then they came for me - and no one spoke up because by that time there was no one left, 'concerned about me'. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Privacy Policy. The necessary though not the fully sufficient condition of liberty is the possession or access to subsistence land. If possession or access to land is a necessary condition of liberty, then its deprivation results in some form of slavery. Even with access to land, the government may impose taxes to such an extent that one is not free. For example, in —, Stalin was removing from the peasants their agricultural products to the extant that he produced an artificial famine which directly or indirectly killed roughly 14,, people.

So, the possession of or access to subsistence land is a necessary, but not a fully sufficient, condition for liberty. Please help ensure access to subsistence land. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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