Shadow of the Drill

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Interview – Rhani D’Chae, author of Shadow of the Drill

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This is a great way to get all your players carrying the ball and playing 1-on-1 Defense before the first whistle blows:. Keep It Simple Mix in all your players for this drill- Long Poles, Middies, Attack, everybody. Your Defenders will need to carry the ball when they are Clearing. Your Attackmen will need to play 1-on-1 Defense when they Ride. Your Midfielders obviously need to play both sides of the ball. This drill is great for the whole team! Figure 1. At first I resisted the draw into this violent, though sometimes tender world, but the author's writing style and superb character development wouldn't let me go.

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As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg. It was crap with potential, but…it was still crap. So I pulled it back and gave it a complete overhaul.

The rewrite was harder because I went much deeper into the characters and pumped up the action.

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RD: Getting the money! Then, the whole process of printing the book, which we did in my living room.

Shadow of the Drill

I wrote it, formatted it, printed it, and then we cut the paper into half sized pages and laid them all out in order and packed them into boxes to take to the bindery. When I rewrote it, the hardest part was…everything! Who does that? An unrepentant enforcer whose tactics have made him a legend on his streets, he has raised torture to an art form and makes it a point to never let a target slip through his fingers.

Powered by logic, he allows little room for emotion while living his life at full speed with no apologies or regrets. What can we expect from Decker and Rudy this time around? RD: I think it will depend on how popular the series is. How does this influence the way you set about writing?

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I need screen magnification, bold font, magnifying eyeglasses, and a hand held magnifying glass to get anything done. They were pictures, not photographs, and each one showed Edge doing some sort of action scene from that particular novel. I found a page on Ebay that pictured several of the books and I asked the artist, an absolutely incredible man named Chaz Kemp, to take a look at the page and draw the boys that way.

The plan is for Chaz to do all of my covers so that the images of Decker and Rudy will be consistent.

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RD: No, of course not. I had the usual dreams of my book catching the attention of a traditional publishing house, with a hefty advance and all that fun stuff. And who knows? I just want to write as long as I can, and I do plan to be at my laptop with a box of Godivas and a bottle of Patron when the lights go out. And, how much help do you find sites such as ours provide?


RD I love the social interaction on Twitter and Facebook. I love connecting with people and talking, especially about writing.

Shadow of the Drill Shadow of the Drill
Shadow of the Drill Shadow of the Drill
Shadow of the Drill Shadow of the Drill
Shadow of the Drill Shadow of the Drill
Shadow of the Drill Shadow of the Drill
Shadow of the Drill Shadow of the Drill
Shadow of the Drill Shadow of the Drill
Shadow of the Drill Shadow of the Drill
Shadow of the Drill

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