Creative Ritual: Spiritual Protection for Highly Sensitive People

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2. Clearing You Aura From Negative Thought-Forms

Read more. Wild Rose Fills your life with soft romance. Gender: Feminine Planet: Venus The Stone Of Orators Chalcedony was very popular as a decorative stone in ant The Feminine Stone Moonstone is one of the best stones for bringing emotion Imagining World Humanism : We share this world with many other life forms that we can physically see, and not physically. Learning to be angry : Anger is the emotion I struggle with.

Lightworkers and Loneliness : Loneliness is a common problem in this world; many people suffer from it. But what makes loneliness. New Age, Ascension and Disclosure Hijack : With the current activation cycle there are new opportunities for repair and rehabilitation at higher dimensional levels,. Learn what. The Evolution of Perception and Fear : Several months ago the article for the month was focused on the topic of mastering fear, however.

Unpleasant Truths : Dear Ascending Family, There are stages of awakening when we undergo the uncovering of deceit, lies and manipulation,. Thinking from Love : Everything in nature is subject to a rhythm. Think of the seasons, for example, or the alternation. The Sweet Deliciousness Of Destruction : This is a strange topic that mostly we do not talk about directly because firstly we really. The planet is enduring a. Transition to Next Root Race : What is transpiring at the physical levels of human bodily evolution, is expanding into new human race.

One of these God Creators is called Melchizedek. They created many lines of.

Cathars in France : During the current phase of Paliadorian activation, historical timeline trigger events from the Albigensian Crusade, the intentional. Body Awareness : Real Embodiment only happens when the higher consciousness bodies are able to come into the physical realm,. Gurus and Sects : "God gives humans truth. The devil creates an organization around it. Virus in Genetic Engineering : When our inner world is drastically opposing or incongruent with the outer world in which we present. Search - Categories. Home Angels The Angelic Realm.

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From Striving To Ease.

Spiritual Codependency (The Highly Sensitive Person's Dilemma)

Pleiadian Message July Weekly Oracle Card Reading July , Cut Through The Illusions! Available On The. Featured This Month Page:. Wild Rose. Try a new tea. There are millions of great tea flavours out there, why not try something new? Read fiction. Fiction helps you to forget everything for a little while. Isn't it amazing? Buy yourself a snuggle blanket. A home without a cozy snuggle blanket isn't a real home, right? Go to the store and get all your favourite snacks. Snack parties on your own or with a few close friends at home are the best!

Light candles. Nothing goes above the comforting light of candles.

3 Ways to Create Sacred Space at Work - Judith Orloff MD

Go to the store and buy a bunch of them. Instant coziness guaranteed!

Get yourself cozy clothes for home. At home, you can look however you want. So get yourself some clothes that feel so comfy that you never want to take them off. Don't forget cozy socks! Movie night. Watch your favourite 'feel good'-movies. This can and should definitely be combined with snack night! Home spa. Buy some home spa products and treat yourself to a beauty night. Order food. Instead of cooking, why not order food tonight? Start your day with calm music.

Put on some calm background music and start your day in a relaxed way. Go to the movies. For a calm and fun social night out, you could go to the motives by yourself or with someone you care about. Have drinks at a cozy pub. Nothing goes above a calm night at a cozy pub, right? High tea. Organise a high tea at home for your friends or go to a public place which offers high tea's! Participate in a workshop. Do you want to learn something new? There are thousands of workshops out there waiting for you! Go to the theatre.

Do you love arts, like many highly sensitive people do?

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Why not go to the local theatre to see their newest act? Visit a concert. Music is amazing, especially when you can enjoy it with other fans. Why not book a ticket for a concert of your favourite artist? Go to the library. Do you love to read? Why not go to the library to search for the newest reads? Everybody loves treasure hunting! Here, you can find the most amazing stuff for your home. Go to a karaoke bar.

Do you want to sing out loud and have fun with your friends? Visit a karaoke bar for instant happiness. Sometimes, we take things around us for granted. Why not try to see your home place through the eyes of a tourist? Go to a spa. There's nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa. Go with one of your best friends and treat yourself! Identify your core values. By being aware of your core values as a person, you'll be able to make better decisions.

Write down your dreams. We all have dreams, right? Write them down, however big they are. Manifest your dreams with the law of attraction. By now, most of us have heard about the law of attraction. But did you know that you can manifest anything you want into reality? Here, you can read how manifestation works. Improve your self-esteem. Try to write down what makes you insecure, and tackle each aspect of it.

For example, you could use these methods to increase your self-esteem. Read self-help books. There are self-help books for everything out there. If you want to work on self-improvement, why not read one about it? Confront your fears. Often, we don't do certain things in life because we are afraid.

Why not write down what you are afraid for and confront it? Listen to podcasts. Podcasts are a great self care tool to improve yourself on so many levels. Why not listen to Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations? Create habits. You brush your teeth everyday, so why not implement some of these self care tips as a routine as well? Write down your accomplishments. Often, we focus on what we lack, while it sometimes is good to look at what we've achieved. Reflect on your day everyday to evaluate what went well and what could have gone better.

Create a vision board. Write down where you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years and 20 years from now and create a vision board that shows this future. Follow an online course. There are so many good online courses out there to help you with your personal development. Do a personal development challenge. Why not try our '21 days of gratitude'-challenge? Create a 1-year action plan. Dreams and goals can be achieved more effectively by creating a plan and sticking to it. Why not create a 1-year action plan to reach your goals? Game night. Gather your favourite friends and organize a game night.

Everyone brings one game to play!

Avalonian Moon - Rev. Elaine C. Torrance-Gingrich

Go to the toy store and buy something. Now that you are adult, you can buy aaaaaaanything you want from the toy store. You are never too old to play, remember that! Go to the candy shop. Just like with the toy shop, nobody will stop you at the candy shop! Buy aaaall the candy! Plan a theme park weekend. Theme parks are fun for the extrovert HSP's amongst you!

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  • Empath's Survival Guide Book - Rite of Ritual.

Why not book tickets at one of your favourite parks? Build a blanket fort in your living room. Blanket forts are the best and they feel so safe. Why not build one and crawl into it for a while? Theme night. Organize a theme night with your partner or friends. For example, organize a mexican night, where you serve Mexican food, play Mexican music and try out Mexican traditions. Watch funny videos. Do you want to feel good instantly? Why not watch some funny Youtube-videos? Organize an outdoor movie night in your garden.

Why not get a beamer, some cozy pillows and chairs and watch movies outside in your garden? Play a computer game. Is there a specific computer game like The Sims that you used to enjoy? Play it all day long! Go shopping. Sure, money can't buy happiness, but why not treat yourself to something you've wanted for a long time?

Watch Ted talks. Ted talks is the best way to get inspired within a heartbeat. Find quotes that inspire you.

3 Ways to Create Sacred Space at Work

On Pinterest, you can find tons of inspiring and empower quotes. For example, you could read these 50 quotes for highly sensitive people and empaths. Do random acts of kindness. Do you get joy out of helping others? Why not do random acts of kindness throughout your day? Is there someone in your surroundings who inspires you. Ask them to have a cup of coffee with you to share their secret. Go on a spiritual retreat. If you have some money to spend, why not book a spiritual retreat to get inspired and aligned? Follow thought leaders. There are amazing people with inspiring thoughts out there.

You could follow one of these spiritual thought leaders. Sit in silence. Why not sit in silence for a while to relax and calm down? Listen to calm music. Do you feel the need to have an intense experience? Buy a noise-cancelling headphone and embrace the music. Did you know that many essential oils help you with your mood and health? Why not give it a try? Face mask. Buy or make a soothing face mask. So relaxing! Weighted blanket. Get a weigthed blanket for better sleep. Thousands of HSP's swear by it! Taste new food. Try new dishes at a good restaurant in your home town and be surprised by the new tastes.

Go to a museum. Enjoy the beautiful artwork and the differences between the artists. Do some grounding.

Writer, Lecturer, Coach

Take off your shoes and let your feet touch the earth or grass. Enjoy its soothing effect on your body. Enjoy the sky. At night, in the morning or in the evening. The sky has so many nuances. Enjoy them. Did you know that there are many colouring books for adults? Enjoy its calm effect on your soul. Create an emotional playlist. Make a playlist that reminds you of the good times in your life and see your mood improve. Anne-Kathrin Walter is a writer, social media expert and the co-creator of HiSensitives. HiSensitives is a brand for highly sensitive people.

Many highly sensitive people still see their sensitivity as a weakness, and HiSensitives wants to change that.

Creative Ritual: Spiritual Protection for Highly Sensitive People Creative Ritual: Spiritual Protection for Highly Sensitive People
Creative Ritual: Spiritual Protection for Highly Sensitive People Creative Ritual: Spiritual Protection for Highly Sensitive People
Creative Ritual: Spiritual Protection for Highly Sensitive People Creative Ritual: Spiritual Protection for Highly Sensitive People
Creative Ritual: Spiritual Protection for Highly Sensitive People Creative Ritual: Spiritual Protection for Highly Sensitive People
Creative Ritual: Spiritual Protection for Highly Sensitive People Creative Ritual: Spiritual Protection for Highly Sensitive People
Creative Ritual: Spiritual Protection for Highly Sensitive People Creative Ritual: Spiritual Protection for Highly Sensitive People

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